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Full text of "transcription, Southeast News, Southeast Conference, United Church of Christ, May 1995"

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Volume 43, Number 2 

May 1 995 

ANNUAL MEETING: ''The Voice of One'' 

June 9, 10, & 11 at beautiful Simpsonwood Conference and Retreat Center in 
Norcross, Georgia (just north of Atlanta). If you have not already registered your 
pastor and your delegates, DO SO TODAY! Rooms are filling up fast! 

This year's theme, ''The Voice of One ..." will be explored in various 
creative ways by all in attendance. Keynote presentations will be made by the Rev. 
Daniel F. Romero, General Secretary, Mission Program Unit, United Church Board 
for World Ministries, and the Rev. Mary Sue Gast, Executive Director, Coordinating 
Center for Women in Church and Society. 

For those wishing to register prior to the Annual Meeting, if there are any 
questions please refer to Elizabeth Clement, 404-876-321 7, with any question. 

Registration will begin at 4:00 p.m. on Friday. Ad displays/booths (if pre- 
registered with Ted Braun, 615-277-5135, by May 15th) may begin setting up at 
1 :00 p.m. Early arrivals may simply enjoy the setting or walk the 2+ miles of nature 
trails. There will also be displays to peruse with a bookstore and SERVV items to 
buy (graciously presented by Bob and Ruth Peeples). 

Besides the special keynote presentations, exhilarating worship, and the 
necessary Conference business, this year's conference highlights will include "Our 
Changing Voices ..." as we celebrate "Roger's Knight" on Friday evening and pay 
tribute to, and say formal farewells to our beloved Conference Minister and his 
spouse, Beth ... the evening will be their last occasion with us. 

Saturday will include various welcomes for our new Interim Conference 
Minister and a report from the Structures Committee. The theme, "The Voice of 
One ..." will continue as our common "voices" emerge at luncheon affinity groups 
(groups with common interests and agendas. If you want one special, please 
indicate); an installation service; and afternoon workshops/forums that will include 
"A Women's Gathering" with Mary Sue Gast; "Discussions with our General Synod 
Delegates;" "The Church's Wider Mission" with Dan Romero; "A Nature Walk" 
through the beautiful Simpsonwood grounds with naturalist Frank McCamey; and 
"A How-To Workshop on the 'Word Among Us' Curriculum." 

On Saturday evening, we will celebrate the "Voices of Our Churches ..." 
with an evening of entertainment, talents, stories and music by numerous groups, 
congregations, and individuals representing the diversity of the Southeast 

Conference. This celebration will also serve as an introduction of our churches to 
our newly elected Board of Directors, staff and new Interim Conference Minister, 
who will be the guest of honor. The Planning Committee is still looking for 
participants for Saturday evening's program, if your church would like to send a 
group or individuals (storytellers, choir, drama, dance, etc.) please contact 
Elizabeth Clement at 404-876-321 7, or Jim Walker at 205-734-0341, no later than 
May 15th. 

Sunday morning will find us "Tuning Our Voices ..." as we participate in 
sessions of leadership training. These will be designed to introduce new 
approaches and answers to the question, "How do I effectively do the work of ...?" 
to the various roles of officers and committees in the local church setting such as 
Moderator/President, Deacons/Diaconate, Treasurers/Finance/Budget, Stewardship/ 
OCWM, Christian Education/Superintendents, and Youth/Post-High Ministries. Our 
closing worship and Communion will feature a dialogue sermon by our two 
keynote presenters. We will adjourn at 11:30 a.m. with "sack lunches" available 
for those who must travel, or a sit-down lunch for those who can remain. Another 
addition this year will be a Conference choir, with practice at 5:45 p.m. on Friday, 
and after dinner on Saturday. They will participate in the Sunday morning closing 
worship and Communion, it is the goal of this Annual Meeting to create an 
atmosphere of community for us as the "Family of the SEC." Simpsonwood 
provides a "self-contained" setting in which this might be accomplished. You are 
encouraged NOT to come just for Saturday, but rather, "Come for the entire 
experience as we seek the Voice of God, Ourselves, and the Church, together." 
The costs are not really higher this year; the conference fees are totally inclusive 
(meals, snacks, lodging, etc.) and represent a savings over procuring lodging, 
meals, etc. "on your own" in the Atlanta area. Plan to send your pastor and 
delegates for the entire conference. Visitors are welcome, but must be pre- 
registered. This year's Annual Meeting will be more like a family reunion than a 
meeting, and isn't that what it should be? MARK YOUR CALENDAR, June 9-11, 
1995 and get your registration in early for the 1995 SOUTHEAST CONFERENCE 
ANNUAL MEETING! Come, visit with ''Your Family" and be a part of ''The Voice 
of One... I" 

The Make a Difference Campaign 

Bring on the balloons and champagne! Let's get high ... on the Spirit! For 
the Holy Spirit has been touching the motivational centers and moving the hearts of 
folk in the Southeast Conference. We have surpassed the Make A Difference 
Campaign SEC challenge goal of $250,000. As of this writing we stand at 
$268,700. In addition, 30 more SE congregations have mailed Covenant forms to 
the national office indicating that they will have a campaign before the Campaign 
Office closes at the end of June. And this, friends, follows on the heels of the 
Visions '91 Campaign in which $173,248.95 was raised. Isn't this amazing? 

From all of this we learn two things about our Southeast Conference: 1 . We 
are stronger than we usually assume that we are. Our confidence in our capability 
should be greatly enhanced. 2. There are large numbers of us who celebrate the 
mission of the UCC and who believe in its future. 

Let's recall what we are helping make possible as the UCC moves toward 
the challenges of the soon-to-dawn new century. A scholarship program will assist 
at least 45 seminarians each year (some seminarians begin their ministries with 
more than $30,000 in student loan debt). The advances land acquisition program 
will purchase a series of advance church site locations. A revolving loan fund will 
enable rebuilding and renovating UCC church facilities. Community mission 
development grants will enable local ministries such as housing project. At least 
one third of all the funds raised will be devote to Conference needs. My 
understanding is that one half of our SEC challenge goal ($250,000) will come back 
to our Conference. The campaign will provide new funds for endowments, which 
will continue our UCC mission for generations to come. These endowment funds 
will grow year by year as a portion of annual income is reinvested. This Campaign 
will indeed enable the UCC to continue to make a difference in God's world. 

On the national scene, at this writing, pledges stand at $1 5,1 62,525. This is 
a little over half way to the goal of $30 million. But nearly 900 congregations, 
coming aboard late, are planning campaigns before the end of June. This should 
get us pretty close to the goal. 

Please note: even though the Campaign Office will close the end of June, 
campaign pledges will continue to be received. A number of congregations across 
the nation will campaign this fall. Perhaps you should be one of these! Remember, 
This must be over and above regular giving. Many churches have feared that the 
Make a Difference goal for them is too large. But six SEC congregations tripled their 
goal; three doubled their goal. A glowing story is that of the Pleasant Grove Church 
(Ala.) which raised $12,213 on a goal of $3,934. This came about when 86-year- 
old Lala Allen challenged another family in the church to match her own gift of 
$5,000. Other church members were inspired to follow their example. Mrs. Allen 
was one of the cluster directors who was faithful to her task. 

As we have said so often, the Make a Difference Campaign is not just one 
more campaign. It is a once-in-a-generation kind of campaign. Surely you want to 
become part of it while there is still time. You still can! 

Congratulations, Southeast Conference! 


With expanded kitchen, bedroom and storage space (part of a ten-year 
expansion plan), Villa International can better serve the increasing numbers of 
guests, now over 1,000 per year. 

An additional 1/3-acre of land will soon add to the parking and recreational 
area, plus protect Villa from commercial encroachment. 

The 6th annual Festival of Nations (April 30th) has greatly increased 
visibility in the greater Atlanta community. 

In 1994, Villa hosted 1,015 guests from 109 countries with an annual room 
occupancy of 76% and received the highest rental income to date. 

Villa International appreciates the United Church of Christ for its hard work, 
prayers and support of its mission of hospitality to our international guests. 

Carol A. Wood and Harry F. Petersen 


Elon College, NC: Elon Homes for Children has received a $55,498 grant to 
assist in providing its child care services. In March, the Duke Endowment awarded 
almost $4.1 million to hospitals and children's homes in North and South Carolina. 

The Endowment makes these grants, on an annual basis, to qualifying 
children's homes, to help underwrite general operating costs. For Elon Homes for 
Children, this will help offset the cost of residential care services. The award is 
based on the number of children served during the previous year. Elon Homes 
cared for 280 youth in residence during 1 994. 

Founded in 1907, Elon Homes for Children serves nearly 300 North and 
South Carolina youth annually in residential care on its campuses in Elon College 
and in Charlotte. The young people are served through such programs as crisis care 
(short-term), and long-term intensive treatment, preparation for adult living, and 
therapeutic foster care. 


In 1994, Emmaus Homes established new off-campus housing facilities; 
served a total of 294 persons with developmental disabilities; and began providing 
service to eight new supported living units. 

Rev. Ruth Rinne retired after 13 years' service on the Marthasville campus. 
Rev. Gail Reynolds came to Emmaus as the new Chaplain for the St. Charles 

Emmaus continues to make long-range plans to keep pace with changing 
demands and to effectively utilize all of Emmaus' human and physical resources. 

Late Note: 

Montgomery, AL, First Congregational Church destroyed by fire April 21 as 
a result of lightning, it was a 123-year-old congregation, whose building, erected 
1872, was on the Historic Register. 


The Rev. Daniel F. Romero is a native of Los Angeles, California and holds a 
B.A. degree from the American University in Washington, DC, where he served on 
a Congressional staff as a legislative assistant. Rev. Romero received his M.Div. 
degree from the Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley in 1970 and was ordained 
into the ministry in June of that year by the Los Angeles Association of the Southern 
California Nevada Conference of the UCC. He was called to serve as minister of 
education at Community Congregational Church of Chula Vista from 1970-73, and 
was pastor at Morningside UCC from 1973-76. In November 1976, Rev. Romero 
was elected Associate Conference Minister for the Southern California Nevada 
Conference of the UCC, and in December of 1984 received a Juris Doctor degree 
from Loyola University Law School. He is a member of the New York Bar 
Association with particular interest in immigration and international law. 

Rev. Romero was appointed General Secretary for Mission Program of the 
UCBWM staff in 1987. His main responsibility is the oversight of the Board's 
overseas mission activities, including One Great Hour of Sharing, Global Education 
and Advocacy, Mission Personnel and World Ministries in the U.S. programs. HE 
assists the Executive Vice President with budget development and general 
administration. He travels extensively, reviewing mission programs and policy with 
overseas partners, and serves in a variety of capacities with the UCC, the National 
Council of Churches, and in facilitating the UCC/Christian Church (Disciples of 
Christ) ecumenical partnership. He is committed to working with diverse 
constituencies in shaping an authentic ecumenical and multi-cultural context for 
global ministry. He is the author of "Our Futures Inextricably Linked: A Vision of 
Pluralism," published by the UCBHM. 

The Rev. Dr. Mary Susan Gast is the Executive Director of the UCC 
Coordinating Center for Women in Church and Society. As Executive Director, she 
is responsible for monitoring the status of women in the UCC and developing 
policies and programs to address women's concerns in the church and wider 

Dr. Gast has served as Associate Conference Minister of the Indiana- 
Kentucky Conference. While pastor of the Smith Memorial UCC in Grand Rapids, 
Michigan, she founded the Southwest Michigan Riverside Project in Grand Rapids, 
an educational ministry to help people reflect on issues related to disarmament and 
nuclear war. She has also served as pastor of First Congregational UCC in Union 
City, Michigan and as a campus minister at Iowa State University. 

Her colleagues have described her as "... a poet ... one who has the ability 
to combine the roles of theologian and poet, has the depth of theological 
awareness, and understanding of the faith issues below the surface that has helped 
ground and guide our thinking in many areas." 

Mary Susan received her D.Min. degree from Chicago Theological 
Seminary. She is married to Rev. Roger Straw and they have a daughter, fifteen- 
year-old Susannah. 

Schedule for the 29th Annual Meeting 
Simpsonwood Conference and Retreat Center 
Norcross^ Georgia 
Theme: ^^The Voice of One 
Friday^ June 9 

1:00 p.m. Display Setups 

Board of Directors 
4:00 p.m. Registration (Dinner) 

6:30 p.m. Community Building 
7:00 p.m. Opening 

Worship I: Mary Sue Cast 
9:30 p.m. "Roger's Knight and Beth's Day" 

Saturday^ June 70 (Breakfast) 

Memorial Service: J. Myers 
Roll Call 
Business Session 

A. Reports 

B. Structures 
10:50 a.m. Break 

1 1 :05 a.m. Worship II: Dan Romero 

Business Session 

Recognitions - Iowa/Honored Laywomen 

Installation - Dick Sales 


Women w/Mary Sue Cast 

Nature Walk - Frank McCamey 

Wider Mission - Dan Romero 

General Synod 


Word Among Us 

"Voices of Our Churches" 
"Welcome Interim" 

Sunday^ June 11 


8:30 a.m. 
10:00 a.m. 

11:25 a.m. 

12 noon 
1:00 p.m. 


Sunday, June 11th, has been declared UCC SOUTHEAST CONFERENCE, 
LAITY SUNDAY, so that your pastor and delegates do not have to hurry home from 
the Annual Meeting and miss important sessions. Laity Sunday materials are being 
prepared (liturgy, sermon, prayers, etc.) and will be sent to each congregation in 
early May for use on June 1 1th. Last year, at least 1 7 congregations used all or part 
of the furnished materials with great success. These materials will be lectionary- 
based and are drawn from the various 1995 Annual Conference Meeting's Worship 
Celebrations. Plan to participate in L^CC SOUTHEAST CONFERENCE LAITY 
SUNDAY and allow your pastor(s) and delegates to attend the entire Annual 


Conference Minister's Message 

After these fleeting six and a half years, 1 write my last official message to 
you. There are many reflections - including the beautiful terrains throughout the 
Southeast, the varieties of cultures represented in our diverse churches, the history 
which forms a backdrop, the religiosity which pervades - but above all, you the 
people and the faith struggle here. All of us together are at an exciting threshold for 
tomorrow. Walk into it! 

"You are my beloved" was the voice to Jesus and those around. It is God's 
voice of caring, affirmation and belonging. Henri Nouwen has written that the 
greatest message of God in Jesus, is the gift of "Your Belovedness," and the greatest 
trap in our life is self-rejection. We are called to "be the beloved." We do not 
always remember, nor are we able to view others and treat them as the beloved 
("sin always abounds"), but Jesus' own affirmed life and his ministry was to relate 
to others always as "beloved." Don't you just get an assurance and a longing at the 
same time when you think of your own life, and others, as the beloved? Uppermost 
in my ministry is always the local church, for that is where we live out all of the 
ups and downs, joys and failures, the life and death and resurrections, with other 
people; your church is the "community of the beloved." Let it be! 

Leadership Training 

Worship II: Dialogue with Mary Sue Gast and 

Dan Romero 




Dining Room or Pack-a-Lunch 
Board of Directors 
All displays MUST be down 

Jesus came to bring God's realm (the Kingdom was the main theme of his 
preaching and teaching). Through the heaMngs, acceptance, teachings, 
confrontations, he indicated that the kingdom is not "there and then," but "here 
and now." "The kingdom is in the midst of you." As one dear soul said, "it is to live 
as if what can be, already is." The lesson for our life in the Conference is that a 
principality and power got transformed, from "we aren't enough to have a 
cohesive, viable future and are dependent on outside help, to the faith that calls us 
to claim a gifted potent future - and God will bring it about." That is what 1 believe 
has happened to you as a Conference in these few years. 

The God of resurrection is the God of tomorrow; tomorrow is always a new 
gift to us, free of any restrictions. Paul said that all those who are in Christ are a 
new creation, the old has passed away and the new has come. The faith that makes 
life worth living is the future that determines the present. It is the theological tilt on 
my ministry with you: to live today the call of God for tomorrow. 1 firmly believe 
that Southeast Conference, with God, has a lively and vital mission for the future. 
Live as if it is so! 

Now, a personal word of gratitude to God for the privilege of being called to 
minister with you these years, in what are the most poignant, rich, challenging, and 
revealing years of my ministry. Nothing is learned or gained without cost. And 
though the struggles, pains, wanderings, and questions were many, God has 
continued to guide, chasten, call and sustain us all ... God brings things about ... 
and transforms it all to joy, friendship, and gratitude. Because of those developing 
ties that bind, a mutual sense of belonging, and the vision for this Conference and 
your churches, I have not found the decision to a new calling to be easy. I give 
thanks for all with whom I've been privileged to work on staff and as elected 
leaders. But especially I thank you all for your prayers, your support, your 
concerns, challenges and loyal faith. Thanks be to God ... for you! 

There are many other things I would like to say to you, some personally, 
some to congregation or groups, and also to you as a whole. But time and 
circumstances do not permit. Know assuredly that you are dear and deep in my 
heart as "the Beloved." Be strong and courageous in the faith as God's future; and 
in all things, give thanks to God, for the gift of new life in Jesus Christ in whom 
dwells the message, mission and mystery of God's love for the world. God bless. 

Roger Knight 

Comments on Our Pilgrimage 

My desk calendar shows most, if not all, of the routine and special activities 
and services that have engaged my ministry this program year ending June 1995. 
This information reflects three major categories - 1) Church Development & 
Evangelism, 2) Conference Staff liaison with associations and local churches, and 
3) other activities and services in keeping with our call to service as a covenantal 
community of Jesus Christ. My intention here is not to focus only on facts and 

figures, but to share some personal observation and commentary on where I 
believe we are at this stage of our pilgrimage. 

1) CHURCH DEVELOPMENT & EVANGELISM. Maybe it's just me ... 
projecting what I want most to see happen, but I could swear I am seeing a more 
balanced emphasis on Evangelism as an integral part of our Church Development 
strategy. This has always been our intention, but I feel it has been either too passive 
or too much taken for granted heretofore. What I see is a more intentional and 
openly expressed passion for souls as part of our overall effort to start, or renew 
local churches within our Southeast Conference region. We have, and should have 
legitimate and reasonable concerns about money and head counting the number of 
people we put in the yearbook. But a more qualitative approach has emerged at 
places like Amistad (Marietta, GA), United Church of Christ Fellowship (Columbia, 
SC) and United Church of Christ in Middle Georgia (Macon, GA). All of these have 
in one way or another awakened Christian spontaneity, and creative spiritual 
outreaches at Atlanta Good Shepherd Community (Atlanta), Center Congregational 
Church (Atlanta) and Rush Memorial Church (Atlanta). There is now some 
inspiration on the part of at least one of our well-established churches, Trinity at 
jonesboro, GA, to sponsor a new church at Peachtree City, GA on its own 
initiative. At the "Landings" near Savannah in the beautiful coastal area of Georgia, 
the spirit is moving some to establish a church and expand the United Church of 
Christ's presence in that area. We have attempted to covenant with United Church 
Board for Homeland Ministries to prime the pump for church starts at places like 
Sheares Memorial (Chattanooga, TN) and Southeast DeKalb County (Atlanta) 
mainly with money. What we have learned now, however, is that in all church 
development cases, the passion to reach souls and enrich the body of Christ is an 
essential, decisive, and critical factor to our eventual success, with Evangelism and 
Church Development. 

2) ASSOCIATIONS. My other assignment has been to work with our 
associations and local churches to help provide an appropriately effective 
Conference staff liaison at all times. With the Alabama-Tennessee Association, for 
example, I have shared most of their monthly meetings in specified ways, their 
annual meetings and their special worship and celebrations of ministry throughout 
the year. I have always been invited and encouraged to share fully in their life and 
service, and I have in turn benefited spiritually by being a part of the Association 
community. From time to time 1 have also been called upon to work with Georgia- 
South Carolina Association, mainly during the absence of the Conference Minister 
who serves them, in the same manner as I serve Alabama-Tennessee. But in some 
specific ways, i.e., church development, stewardship and programs, I have been 
privileged to work closely with all associations. 

3) OTHER. Two other very important and strategic program areas have 
engaged my services. They are program and stewardship. Working with the 
Conference Program Chair, we again set up and carried through the annual 
program planning session. Trinity United Church of Christ at Jonesboro, GA hosted 
the event this past year. I represented the Southeast Conference at the special board 

meeting of the Stewardship Council in Cleveland, held to provide input for the 
development of a new stewardship communications system. This system intends to 
modify and enhance the "Key Pak" system and provide better communication of 
educational and inspirational stewardship materials. During the week of April 23- 
30, I will be joining members and representatives of our Stewardship Commission 
and local churches at the annual Graham Cluster Stewardship Workshop at 
Epworth By The Sea, St. Simons Island, Georgia. The Graham Cluster includes 
Southern Conference, Florida Conference, Southeast Conference and Puerto Rico 

Mitchell C. Johnson 
Associate Conference Minister 

Commission on Christian Social Justice 

The Commission on Christian Social Justice has continued to work on the 
two-year plan established last year. The "Social Justice Networker" has been 
mailed three times a year to all those in the Southeast Conference who are on the 
national Peace and Justice Network mailing list. The mission of this newsletter is to 
share information about social justice issues of regional concern and to highlight 
the work that is being done by individuals, churches, and other UCC-related 
groups in the Southeast. 

The Commission has approved three applications for the Just Peace and 
Hunger Action funds that are retained in the Conference. At the time of this writing, 
applications for 1995 grants are being accepted, and checks will be presented at 
Annual Meeting to those projects that are approved for funding. 

The Commission sees itself as a support and resource system for the four 
association committees on Christian Social Justice. Two associations have strong 
committees, and the at-large members of the Commission are developing 
consultant relationships with the chairs of the other committees in order to help 
strengthen them. 

Later this year, members of the Commission will explore ways of working 
with the Stewardship Commission to promote participation in the Just Peace and 
Hunger Action offerings. 

Conference Retreat Center Committee 

The Conference Retreat Committee met several times during the past and is 
still excited about the prospect of having a future home for our Conference and the 
many activities that can bring our churches and people together for prayer, study, 
growth, planning, etc. 1 want to thank our Conference Minister, Rev. Roger Knight, 
for his leadership. It has been his efforts that have kept things going during my 

I want to also thank Mrs. Lala Allen, Sig Orgler and Rodney Harmon for 
their tireless efforts in coming up with a design for our retreat center. They hope to 

be able to present this to the Committee at our next meeting, along with some cost 
figures for the center. 

Our Committee has worked long and hard at coming up with a mission 
statement. Along with the mission statement, we have discussed who will use the 
center. We realize that if we depend only upon our people to use the center, the 
costs of maintenance will be prohibitive. Your Committee is trying to very careful 
to make sure that we do not burden the Conference with a liability. 

We call upon all members of the Conference to be much in prayer for us as 
we seek to design, build and maintain a facility that will be a blessing for all of our 
people. We will be asking for your financial help as soon as all of these things are 
in place and are approved by the Board of Directors and the Conference. 

As Chair of the Conference Retreat Committee, I want to thank all of the 
members for their help and support during my surgery and recovery. 1 am not back 
to full-time year, but we are getting there. 1 know that you share with me the 
sorrow in Roger leaving us, but we all wish him Godspeed. He has been a 
tremendous asset to this Conference. Our love and our prayers will go with Roger 
and Beth as they leave us to go to Ohio. Our loss is their gain, but I hope that they 
will not forget us in the Southeast Conference. 

Floyd Carmack 

Report of the Committee on Structure 

We affirm the importance of continuing the Conference with its current 
geographical boundaries as the legal entity and representation of the UCC in our 
region. However, given the geographic expanse of the region and the relatively 
small and scattered number of active congregations (with small membership and 
limited resources) we recommend the following new directions for our life 

1 ) As a Conference, we should emphasize the personal, the fellowship and 
the gatherings of this wonderfully diverse and gifted people. A Faith-Works 
experience every two years, the annual business/fellowship meeting (alternating 
with Faith-Works), associational, cluster, program forums, and fellowship of 
different groups are opportunities for gathering as part of the UCC family in this 
Southeast region of the country. 

2) We should use a Faith-Works model every two years for the gathering of 
as many of our 7,500 members of our churches as is possible for inspiration, 
fellowship, education and planning. The first of these to be held targeting 1997. 
Out of such a gathering, program plans would be developed for the subsequent 
two-year period. From among people interested, involved and willing to commit 
and recruit others to participate, a strategy would be developed to accomplish 
future program objectives. 

3) We should create a working Council to be comprised of 4 officers 
(moderator, vice moderator, secretary and treasurer), past moderator, 4 

associational representatives, 3 program chairpersons, 1 ecumenical representative, 
1 General Synod Executive Council representative, 4 members-at-large, and 10 
members (adjusted as needed), each elected to serve as a representative of a cluster 
of churches. (The cluster representatives would be nominated by the cluster of a 
specific geographical territory and elected by the association, unless by the time of 
the annual meeting a representative had not been identified. In that case, the 
nominating committee would nominate a liaison to serve the churches of the 
cluster.) The Conference would serve as an ex officio member of the Council. 

4) We should emphasize communication. The role of the cluster 
representative is that of a communication link between the churches of the cluster 
and the wider church ... at least at the level of the Conference. Each representative 
would be expected to be in touch with the pastor or lay leader of each church in 
the cluster in advance of the meeting of the Council to find out, "What is going 

Further, as a follow-up to each meeting of the Council, each cluster 
representative would be in touch with the pastor or lay leader of each church to 
report, "What is going on in the wider church?" Preferably these contacts could be 
by way of breakfast or luncheon meetings of the pastors or lay leaders of all the 
churches of the cluster. Such would be a wonderful vehicle of communication as 
well as fellowship and support. 

5) We should organize program bodies of the Conference as they are 
proposed at the national level of our denomination: (At the time of this proposal ... 
Local Ministries, Wider Ministries and JusticeAA/itness). The program chairs should 
carry the lead in the development of program planning at Faith-Works and in 
providing technical assistance and support in the implementation of those plans. 

6) While this committee did not include in its purview any structural 
changes in the associations, it is suggested that associations also structure their 
program bodies to conform to this design related to program committees of the 
Conference so that the scope of program responsibility is parallel. It is 
recommended that each association include the associational representative to the 
Conference on its associational executive committee to assure communication 
between the Conference and the association. Further, if the program chairs of each 
association would be willing to serve on the planning committee of the Faith- 
Works event and see that the programs developed at that event are carried out in 
their associations, that would be a useful mechanism for program implementation; 
but associations would have to agree to order their life like this and to plan, at least 
part of their work, around the Faith-Works Event. In this structure, associations are 
encouraged to be active and responsible as participants in the planning of the 
Faith-Works event and, further in the design and implementation of other program 
plans to meet the needs of local churches. 

7) In addition to the three program committee, the Council should elect from 
among its members committees necessary for the maintenance and oversight of the 
Conference office, such as Finance, Personnel, etc. 

8) The Conference should maintain the role of the Conference Minister ... a 
person of faith, a wise and well-informed leader, a minister who can be a pastor to 
pastors, and one who is a trusted friend; one to whom we can turn for guidance. 
Until there is interest on the part of other conferences, other denominations, or 
National, to manage, perhaps by contract, the bookkeeping and other 
administrative supports, we should maintain an administrative assistant, part-time 
clerical support and part-time bookkeeping help. 

9) The Conference should emphasize growth and expansion in areas where 
the UCC would be a breath of fresh air among people seeking a church home. 
Toward this end, the Conference should consult with National regarding its support 
of one full-time equivalent staff position to begin as our current arrangement is 
completed. (We are in the last year of a five-year arrangement providing half-time 

It is proposed that the request of National be to support three, one-third-time 
salaries: one for Tennessee/Mississippi, one for Alabama/Florida, and one for 
Georgia/South Carolina. This support would assist the conference minister with an 
emphasis on making a UCC presence known via church development, ministerial 
placement of UCC ministers and other ways of establishing a UCC presence in the 
area. While these positions would not necessarily be geographically assigned to 
cover the existing territory of associations, each would serve as Conference liaison 
to each of the associations. The goal of these part-time positions would be to 
strengthen local churches, associations, and the Conference in each of these areas. 

10) While our financial resources must be given to an emphasis on growth 
and expansion, there are many things we can do to strengthen the ties which bind 
us together as local churches, associations, a Conference and the wider church. We 
should encourage the exchange of pulpits and special music, notices of special 
events, and requests for and offers of help with special needs ... all as members of 
an extended family doing things together. Additionally, while clusters of churches 
have been identified for purposes of communication between the local church and 
the wider church, many other kinds of groupings based upon common issues, 
heritage, etc. are also useful and encouraged. Further it is recommended that the 
Conference Minister recruit, train and use volunteers as individuals and groups to 
address specific needs of local churches with ministerial placement, conflict 
resolution, and technical assistance. There are both lay and ministerial staffs 
available who can help extend the services of that office. 


1) At the Annual Meeting, the Conference should take action on these 
recommendations, and establish a work group to establish how and when these 
recommendations can be implemented at Annual Meeting 1996. 

2) The Board should select a Constitution and By-laws committee with good 
representation from the Structures Committee to propose changes required by these 

recommendations, along with other changes which seem wise to make at the same 
time. Such a report should be made to the Board of Directors in January 1 996. 

3) The Board should establish a method for achieving agreement with 
National for staffing assistance. 

4) The Board should provide notice to all committees to begin thinking and 
planning for a Faith-Works event targeting 1 997. 

Structure Committee Members and Other Workers 

Truman Moore, Chair 
James Myers 
Bill Chew 
Dan Rosemergy 
Ken I ha 
Bill Tweed 
Roger Knight 
Erna Bryant 
Dzauya Nkuchwayo 
Barbara Everett 
Steve Sterner 
Mitchell Johnson 
Roy Bain 
Ervin Milton 
Marilyn Dubasak 
Richard Sales 
Bernice Powell Johnson 

Slate of Nominations^ 1995 




Vice Moderator 
Past Moderator 


ALATN Association 
EALAVGA Association 
SAL/NWFL Association 

Richard Sales, '96 
Annie Meal, '96 

Erna Bryant, '96 


Susan Newman, '96 
Karl Whiteman, '96 
Paula Van Natta, '96 
Don Harmon, '96 
Marvin Brand, '96 

Susan Ewing, '97 
David Speno, '97 

Louise Cox, '97 
Liz Clement, '97 
J. T. Lowery, '97 
Jimmy Pilkington, '97 

Church & Ministry 

Christian Education 


Church Development & 

Women in Society 

Social Justice 


James Myers, Chair, Maureen Jenci-Sheiton, 
'96 '97 
Jack Yates, '96 

Dyann Wilkerson, '96 Douglas Garner, Chair, 


Harry Manon, '97 

Bob Kurtz, Chair, '96 
Steve Parker, '96 
Lenda Sherreli, '96 

Ed Schneider, Chair, Jeanie Harry, '97 

Flora Bridges, '96 

Joyce Myers-Brown, Betty B. Floyd, '97 
Chair, '96 
Jean Reid, '96 

Dorothy Gager, Chair, Carole Miller, '97 

Ted Braun, '96 




Vanessa Robbs, '96 
Wayde Washburn, '96 

Shirley Bowen, Chair 


Clara Lowe, '97 



Debbie Douglas, '97 
Louise Cox, '97 
Wayde Washburn '97 
Stephen Sterner, '97 

Report on Iowa— Southeast Partnership 

At the Women's Conference last fall, four Iowa women attended and 
enjoyed it very much. One attendee was Linda Cline of Urbandale UCC in Des 
Moines (which has a partnership with Sweetwater First). She and Yubenia Prigmore 
visited and resolved to be more active ... 

Mert Fedderson, Chair of Iowa group, and I exchanged contact names of 
respective committees of the Iowa and Southeast conferences. Pleasant Hill 
Community Church has decided to investigate establishing a partnership and has 
sent feelers to an Iowa church. 

Meta Potter, Director of Morgan-Scott, Elizabeth Clement and I, in 
consultation with the Iowa Committee, set June 1 1-1 7 for a partnership work camp 
at Morgan-Scott. I sent descriptions of the 1995 Morgan-Scott Work Camp and 
dates to Mert Fedderson and Co-Chair, Bonnie Baum, and acting Iowa Conference 
Minister Rev. Chuck Briem. Sadly, they did not put it on their January-June 
Conference calendar. 

After talking with Elizabeth Clement, I sent an article on the Morgan-Scott 
Work Camp for the Southeast News, and sent it for a sample to the Iowa 
Conference. I have also made flyers to be put on bulletin boards in churches in the 
SEC, and sent it to Iowa also, hoping they will distribute them to be put on their 
churches' bulletin boards. Flyers were also distributed to attendees of the Ala.- 
Tenn. Association meeting January 14th. Bill Chew said he would make copies and 
distribute to Ala.-Tenn. Association churches. 

Ben Welch of Crossville has agreed to serve on our committee. 

We received a letter from the Iowa Conference Partnership Committee in 
which their Conference Board of Directors endorsed the continuing of the 
partnership and has accepted the Morgan-Scott Work Camp 1995 as a project. 
They added new members to their committee to bring it up to full strength (eight 
members). The Iowa Committee suggests partnership contacts at the General 
Synod, June 29-July 4, 1 995. 

Charlie Lord 
Partnership Coordinator 

The Nominees ... 
Who They Are 

Susan Ewing - Sheares Memorial Church, Chattanooga (see profile) 

David Speno - Central Congregational Church, Atlanta; doctoral CPE program 

Susan Newman - Pastor, First Congregational Church, Atlanta 

Louise Cox - Pleasant Grove Church, LaFayette; faculty. Southern Union State 
Community College (see profile); SIFAT staff and mission tour leader 

Liz Clement - First Congregational Church, Atlanta; seminary student, SIFAT staff, 
and mission tour leader 

J. T. Lowery - Pastor, Mountain Grove Church, Hanceville, AL 

Jimmy Pilkington - United Church, LaGrange; choir director, business owner 

Michele Brathwaite - Amistad UCC, Marietta, GA; Olympics project manager for 
MARTA (see profile) 

Doug Garner - Pastor, Oak Grove Church, Pine Mountain, GA 
Harry Manon - Retired pastor. Pleasant Hill, TN 

Jeanie Harry - Congregational Christian Church, Lanett, AL; staff. West Point 
Stevens Company 

Betty Burroughs Lloyd - Jones Chapel, Woodbury, GA; supervisor. Dental 

Carol Jean Miller - Central Congregational, Atlanta; prison ministry 

Shirley W. Bowen - United Church, LaGrange; editor. Southeast News; staff, Troup 
County Archives 

Clara Lowe - First Congregational, Atlanta; retired (see profile) 

1996 Proposed Budgets 

The Board of Directors proposed for adoption the following 1996 budget for the 

Southeast Conference. Included for comparison are adopted 1995 budget and the 
revised 1995 budget. Due to Conference changes, the '95 and '96 budget will be 
revised according to necessities. Your Board of Directors thanks you for your 
support and confidence. 








OCWM Support 


1 60,000 

1 70,000 

Church Development 




Investment Income 




Reimbursement, etc. 




Association Special Support 




UCBHM/Staff Support 









Mission Beyond the Conference 

OCWM National 

*1 3,000 

*1 3,000 


General Synod 




Conference Ministers' Council 








(*first monies of above expenses go to UCBWM/National) 

Mission Within the Conference 

Church Development 



Resource Material 




SE News/Packets 




Annual Meeting 




Staff Travel 





Church & Ministry 



Social Justice 



Christian EducationA'outh 



KJU lIcclCII/DLeWcllUblllU 



Church Development 



Women (including National Meeting) 



Program Fund 




Church Projects 








(*to be distributed to all programs) 

Conference Organization & Operation 

Board of Directors 




executive *„ommiiiee 

1 on 

1 on 
1 uu 

1 oo 
1 uu 

Personnel Committee 




Finance Committee 




Nominating Committee 




Annual Meeting Committee 




Search Processes 







Office Operation 









Office Supplies 








iic|uipmeni Lease 




Equipment Maintenance 








Dues & Fees 




Worker's Compensation 




Liability insurance 

















241,000 232,000 242,000 


The Finance Committee has worked diligently to ensure that the fiscal 
stability of the SEC is as strong as ever. As newly appointed chair, I would like to 
thank the members of the committee for their continued support, and I look 
forward to working with them in the coming year. 1 would also like to 
"congratulate" all of the congregations who have contributed to the "Make-A- 
Difference Campaign." To date, we have exceeded our goal with total 
contributions currently at $268,000. 

in the past year the Finance Committee has successfully completed our 
1993 and 1994 audits with Perry Lemmons Associates. Beginning this fiscal year, 
the Finance Committee will work closely to ensure that improvements in 
bookkeeping and reporting methods will be consistent with the recent changes in 
the tax laws. Also, a move to standardize our accounting method, both locally and 
nationally (our computers are now on the Lotus Notes programming and service) 
will make it easier to track our income and expenditures more clearly. 

For the coming year, the overall forecast for our interest-bearing accounts 
will show a modest gain over last year. Fortunately, the strength of the market to 
date is a positive sign. These accounts will continue to be monitored closely. 

In summary: 

1 . Checking is with Wachovia Bank. 

2. A cash management account is maintained through Merrill Lynch. 

3. Our endowment, restricted and designated funds are with the United 
Church Foundation. 

4. At least annually, we have a meeting of the Southern Union Board, as 
part of our Board of Directors meeting. 

5. Planned giving is encouraged strongly. James Mason, chair. 

6. Consider special gifts to the SEC through Make-A-Difference, special 
projects, etc. 

The overall budget for 1995 is an increase of 4.2% over 1994 actual budget. The 
proposed budget for 1 996 represents no real increase over that of 1 995. It was felt 
that a 4.2%, once adjusted for inflation, would be appropriate at this time. 

Once again, we are concerned about our churches' OCWM contributions, 
and for all churches to participate and all to pay regularly. As a committee, we are 
encouraged that this year will be a year when we will see positive results as per an 
increase in OCWM contributions. It is incumbent upon each of us to commit to 
building a Conference that we can all be proud to be a part of in order to make this 
family whole. 

Lastly, I want to express, on behalf of the Finance Committee, a heartfelt 
thanks to Lester Ariail, Steve Sterner and our Conference Minister, Roger Knight, for 
their support and undoubting faith. We express our gratitude to these three 

individuals for their commitment and service. A special thanks also goes out to Nan 
Wright for all her effort and hard work during this past year. 

Steven F. Parker, Chair 


Ala/Tenn Assn. 

Alpine, King's Chapel 
Athens, Trinity Congregational 
Belvidere, 1st United Church 
Birmingham, 1 st Congregational 
Birmingham, Pilgrim 
Chattanooga, 1 st CC 
Chattanooga, Pilgrim 
Chattanooga, Sheares 
Crossville, UCC 
Cullman, St. John's 
Deer Lodge, Congregational 
Fairfield Glade, Community 
Garden City, CC 
Glenmary, CC 

Hanceville, Mountain Grove 
Huntsville, United 
Knoxville, Church of the Savior 
Marion, 1 st Congregational 
Montgomery, First 
Nashville, 1st UC 
Nashville, Brookmeade 
Nashville, Howard 
Pleasant Hill, Community 
Robbins, Barton Chapel 
Sweetwater, First 
Talladega, 1 st Congregational 
Tougaloo, Union UCC 
Waverly, United Community 







East Ala/W. Ga Assn. 

Alex City, First 
Columbus, United 
Dadeville, Elder 
East Tallassee, CC 
Eclectic, Watson's Chapel 

.00 .00 

.00 .00 

555.00 .00 

.00 .00 

.00 .00 

Five Points, State Line 



LaFayette, Pleasant Grove 



LaGrange, FHillside 



LaGrange, United 









Phenix City, Russell Woods 



Pine Forest 



Pine Mountain, Oak Grove 



Roanoke, Antioch 



Roanoke, Bethany 



Roanoke, Forest Home 



Roanoke, New FHope 



Roanoke, North Main 



Roanoke, Rock Stand 



Valley, Todd Congregational 



Wadley, Corinth 



Wedowee, Noon Day 



West Point, Bethel 



Woodbury, Jones Chapel 





Ga/S. Carolina Assn. 

Atlanta, Center 



Atlanta, Central 



Atlanta, First 



Atlanta, Rush 



Atlanta, Southwest 



Atlanta, UCC 



Beachton, Evergreen 



Buford, Duncan's Creek 



Central Congregational Women 



Charleston, Circular 



Charleston, Plymouth 



Columbia, Fellowship 



Demorest, Federated 



Dewy Rose, Liberty 



GA-SC Association 



Jonesboro, Trinity 



Marietta, Amistad 



Marietta, Pilgrimage 



Midway, Congregational 



Savannah, First 



Thomasville, Bethany Congregational 



S. Ala/N.W. Fla 

Andalusia, Antioch 
Andalusia, First CC 
Baker, Good Hope 
Baker, Pyron 
Bonifay, New Effort 
Brantley, Indian Creek 
Brantley, Liberty Congregational 
Clio, New Hope 

















Church Development & Evangelism Commission 

The task of the Church Development and Evangelism Commission of the 
SEC is to aid in the establishment of new churches, the renewal of existing 
churches who experience a fresh movement of the Holy Spirit in their midst and 
the relocation of churches who feel led to a new place for a new ministry. 

The commission works toward these ends in conjunction with the Division 
of Evangelism and Local Church Development of the UCBHM. They are an 
important source of experience and expertise, providing most of the funds where 

Important as that association may be, it is a distant second to the primary 
relationship, namely, God's people, gathered by the call of the Spirit situated in the 
local community. There is no new church, no church to renew or to relocate 
without a community of believers gathered together ready to give time, energy and 
money to the church. The foundation of the Church is Jesus Christ. The people are 
the living stones of which the church is built. And this come together around a 
leader who is spiritually alert, energetic, committed to the church, and oriented to 
the ministry of building the body of Christ. By the grace of God, there are such 

In Columbia, SC, there is a faith community gathered under the leadership 
of the Rev. Nancy Donny and Mr. Erik Nordgren, exploring the possibility of a new 
church start. There is a similar exploration taking place in Macon, GA under the 
interim leadership of Rev. Lester Ariail. Sheares Memorial Church is beginning the 
process of a leadership search for a new pastor. Center Church, Atlanta, is 
revitalized under the leadership of Rev. Don Nelson. There are other situations at 
various levels of renewal and development that keep in touch with the Conference. 

The Committee does a valuable service and their close connections place 
them in an advantageous position for all of these efforts. 

Edward Schneider 

New Church 

The United Church of Christ Heart of Georgia Fellowship in Macon, 
Georgia meets at the First Christian Church, 2306 Vineville Avenue, with Lester 
Ariail as coordinating minister. 

Travel With an Added Dimension 

Holy Land Tour 
December 4-13, 1995 

Departs Atlanta, Georgia 

For more information, contact the Rev, Dr. Fred Mills, P.O. Box 6, LaGrange 
College, LaGrange, GA 30240; (706) 884-1922 

Educational Opportunities 
World Travel With a Purpose 

Sponsored by: 

Church Growth and Development Committee 
East Alabama-West Georgia Association 

The Personnel Committee Report 

The Personnel Committee, as outlined in the Constitution of the SEC, began 
its work by reviewing and making some changes in the personnel policies, to bring 
them into agreement with current labor laws, and to reflect more clearly the intent 
of certain provisions. One section of the personnel policies (personal and sick 
leave) is still in the process of being revised. 

Office staff positions were reviewed with the Conference Minister and 
approval was given to the hiring of Nan Wright as a salaried, 25-hour-per-week, 
administrative assistant. A second position of 15 hours per week was approved, 
primarily for telephone answering and other secretarial duties as assigned by Nan 
Wright and would cover hours when Nan is not in the office. This arrangement is 
somewhat different that the Conference Office has had in the past, but appears to 
be working well. 

in December, housing allowances for 1995 for Roger Knight and Mitchell 
Johnson were approved by the Committee, and a recommendation of a 3% cost of 
living increase for Conference staff was approved. These were confirmed by the 
Board of Directors at the January meeting. Additionally, since a performance 
evaluation of the Conference Minister had not been instituted in over two years, it 
was decided to begin this process. The Committee agreed to follow the same 
process which Truman Moore had developed for the 1992 performance evaluation. 
In early January, thirty persons in the Conference most able to evaluate one area of 
the Conference Minister's responsibilities were sent performance evaluation forms. 
Each was asked to evaluate only the area in which he/she had direct experience of 
the Conference Minister's performance. These responses formed the basis for the 
written performance evaluation, and for a recommendation to the Board of 
Directors of a merit increase in 1 995 for the Conference Minister. 

The evaluation was concluded just prior to Roger Knight's resignation. It was 
an affirmation of the very high regard which Roger has earned within the 
Conference and at the national level as well. Several respondents expressed 
concern regarding the number of job responsibilities which reside within the 
Conference Minister's purview. One respondent termed it "inhumane." A 
recommendation was made that a position of "Assistant to the Conference 
Minister" be created, a position which would handle the detailed administrative 
work of the Conference Minister, with the Conference Minister pursuing the 
visionary, leadership, and pastoral functions which is his/her true role. 

With Roger's decision to move into parish ministry, and the Structure 
Committee's restructuring of the Conference, we stand now at a crossroads. At this 
point, any recommendations for personnel must await other Conference decisions. 
I thank the Committee for the work they have done, and all of those who 
participated in this evaluation process. 

Rev. Holly Nelson, Chair 

Youth Council Report 

Meetings were held in September and October to plan activities for youth, 
specifically the Youth Rally, held in January at Pilgrim Church in Birmingham. The 
youth had a really good time and enjoyed games, music, roasting s'mores and a 
visit to the Firehouse Shelter for homeless and less fortunate people. The Council 
also discussed many ideas and shared thoughts of the direction we would like to go 
in the future. 

it is in the plans to scheduled another Youth Council in May. We are also 
hoping that many young people will attend the Mini-Camp in Laguna Beach, FL 
April 28-30, 1995. We are also talking about and working on plans for a summer 
rally at St. John's Church in Cullman, AL. 

Tim Klein, 
Youth Coordinator 

The following is a report on the January Youth Rally, as written by Sellers Bell and 
Amanda Lavender, both from Pilgrim Youth Group. The UCC Youth Retreat was 
planned and hosted by the Birmingham Pilgrim Congregational UCC Youth, under 
the leadership of Rev. Renae Koehler. 

Registration started at 7:00 p.m. and by 8:00, the last of the smiley-faced 
stragglers had arrived at the church for the Pilgrim Youth Retreat of 1 995. 

After a fattening meal of pizza and Dr. Pepper, everyone gathered in the 
fellowship hall for getting-acquainted games. We sat in a circle on the floor and 
took turns stating our name, age, home church and our favorite kitchen appliance. 
Since we now knew each other better, we were ready to move on. 

Divided into two groups, we set out to either tie-dye or make s'mores and 
talk around the fireplace. Afterward, we put our tie-dye clothes away and wiped 
the marshmallow off our faces and settled in for the night. We later had a youth 

worship service on the floor of the fellowship hall. Barbie Williamson played her 
guitar and sang songs to the wide-eyed teenagers before her. 

After the worship, some went to sleep, while others stayed up and talked 
most of the night. At 8:00 a.m. the next morning, everyone was up and ready to 
eat. Rev. Roger Knight came to give us a pep talk and ate breakfast with us. Next, 
we all got dressed and ready to load the vans and set off for downtown. 

We did volunteer work at the Firehouse Shelter for homeless men, cleaning 
the upstairs sleeping quarters and kitchen, and talking to some of the homeless men 
about their lives. 

At 12 noon, we went to the Galleria Mall to eat lunch and shop. By 2:30 
pm., we met to return to the church were we had another worship service and 
made prayer flags. Everyone then packed their bags and said their goodbyes, and 
formally ended the Pilgrim Youth Retreat of 1 995. 

Sellers Bell and Amanda Lavender 

NOTE: 47 youth attended the Retreat: 2 from Huntsville; 5 from Sweetwater, TN; 9 
from Rush, Atlanta; 7 from Langdale UCC; 15 from Cullman; 5 from Pilgrim; and 4 
from First, Birmingham. There were 12 adult advisors. 


Tim Klein resigns ... 

Our Youth Coordinator, Tim, found it necessary to resign as Conference 
Coordinator due to the demands of his new employment. But he promises to be 
involved, and wants to continue to assist in promoting the youth activities in the 

We are grateful to Tim and Debbie, his wife, for their efforts to promote the 
youth activities within the Conference. 

Women^s Concerns and Issues 
in the Light of the Gospel 

UCC Women in our Southeast Conference are women in mission ... women 
engaged in reaching out to others to share Christ's love in concrete ways in their 
churches, communities and beyond. They are also women concerned with justice 
for all. The Commission of Women in Church and Society seeks to provide 
resources and programs for churches and leaders dealing with women's concerns 
and issues in the light of the Gospel. 

This has been a very full year for the Commission, including: 

1) Two Commission meetings (November and April), with great commitment 
and energy on the part of all. 

2) An inspiring and stimulating Southeast Conference Women's Retreat at 
Shocco Springs, Talladega, AL, October 7-9 on the theme, "She Has Done 

what She Could." Rev. Helen Pearson was the keynote speaker and over 
100 women attended. 

3) Our partnership with Iowa Conference UCC was strengthened and 
enriched by the presence and very active participation of four Iowa sisters at 
the above retreat. 

4) Three outstanding laywomen, chosen by the Commission, will be 
honored by the General Synod this summer at Oakland, CA. They are Lala 
Allen of LaFayette, AL; Audrey Livingston of Knoxville, TN; and Clara Lowe 
of Atlanta, CA. 

5) A number of our churches celebrated UCC Women's Week, February 5- 
1 1 . Copies of Common Lot, with creative worship and program suggestions 
were made available. 

6) East Alabama Women's Fellowship held their Annual Retreat in August 
and their Spring Rally in March. Both meetings included excellent programs 
on the church's mission in South America, presented by Louise Cox. 

7) Ala-Tenn Association Women had a well-attended and inspiring 
workshop in July, coordinated by Armistrice Robinson and led by Rev. 
Renae Koehler. 

8) Ga-SC Association Committee on Women has held three meetings in 
1995 and is busy with a survey assessing program needs of women in their 

9) The Women's Mite, chaired by Kathryn Robinson, continued to receive 
gifts (five cents a day per woman, $18.15 a year, is suggested) and 
distributed scholarship aid for women to attend leadership events. 

10) Efforts were made to improve communications about women's concerns 
and programs. One aspect of this is including articles regularly in the SE 

1 1) Efforts were made (and will continue) to increase the number of women 
in leadership positions in all settings of our church. 

12) All women and/or women's groups are urged to become partners in 
UCCWM (United Church Women in Mission) and regularly receive 
Common Lot and a variety of other resources. 

13) Concern about violence against women, sexual harassment, women in 
prison, endorsement of the UN Convention on Elimination of Discrimination 
against Women, and a number of other issues have been studied and 
addressed by women of our Conference. 

14) Plans are well underway for National UCC Women's Meeting in Boston, 
MA, June 27-30, 1996 and for the next Southeast Conference Women's 
Retreat at Shocco Springs Sept. 20-22, 1 996. 

15) The next Southern Regional Women's Retreat is Sept. 30-Oct. 1, 1995 at 
Blowing Rock, NC. A wonderful event is planned and the keynote speaker 
will be Rev. Dr. Susan Newman of First Congregational, Atlanta. Register 
now, as space is limited. (Brochures are available from the Conference 

Please contract the Women's Commission with questions, suggestions or 
offers of help in regard to any concern or program. 

Rev. Joyce Myers-Brown 

Who Cares? SERRV Cares! SERRV Shares! 

SERRV is an ecumenical marketing organization designed to provide a 
major alternative sales outlet to artisans in economically developing areas of the 
world. The commitment of SERRV is to the handcraft producers in order for them to 
get an equitable share of the retail price. SERRV was started following World War II 
(in the late 40s) to help the German people who were suffering from the effects of 
war. It is a non-profit program of the World Ministries Commission of the Church of 
the Brethren. Throughout the years a cooperative relationship with Church World 
Service has helped SERRV increase its supply sources and expand market potential. 
SERRV currently markets approximately 1500 quality items from about 200 
producers. It is also of interest to note that approximately one-half of the SERRV 
price is received by the handcraft producer. 

How do we in the Southeast Conference fit into the picture?????? Every time 
you purchase a SERRV handcrafted article you are helping someone in the Third 
World earn a little money to keep a household going. Many of the items are made 
by women. Just look at the prices! Nowhere can you buy such lovely articles for 
such a reasonable price. So, while you are at the Southeast Annual Meeting, look 
over the many selections and perhaps you would like something for yourself or as a 
gift for someone you love. You can help and receive a beautiful gift at the same 
time. Ruth and Bob Peeples (now retired) have accepted the challenge to bring 
SERRV products to Conference, association, local churches, groups of churches, 
etc. Just give us a call if you would like to have us bring SERRV to your 
organization ... and, oh yes, while you are at the Southeast Conference, stop by 
our tables in the display area and select your SERRV items. 

Ruth and Bob Peeples 
P.O. Box 33 
Pleasant Hill, TN 38578 
(615) 277-5197 

Good Planning^ The Key to Good Results! 

The first meeting of the Program Committee was held Sept. 23-24, 1994, 
where the major focus was the Annual Program Planning Meeting. Date for the 
meeting was set for Nov. 18-19 at Trinity Church in Jonesboro, Georgia with the 
theme centered around the Christian Education curriculum "The Word Among Us." 

At the Program Planning Meeting, Moderator Rev. Richard Sales welcomed 
everyone and Conference Minister Rev. Roger Knight gave brief remarks about the 
Conference and the associations that comprise it. Rev. Knight then introduced the 

speaker, Rev. Susan Newman, Senior Pastor, First Congregational Church UCC, 
Atlanta, who led the group in a stimulating and challenging worship. 

Commission group meetings began on Friday evening and were designed to 
provide chairs of the commissions to meet with their membership to set goals for 
Conference-wide, mission-related programs for the year, based on a review of 
previous plans and accomplishments. 

The meeting concluded with a plenary session in which chairpersons gave 
reports, highlighting their work, followed by closing worship. 

A meeting of the commission chairs was held January 20, 1995 through 
teleconference with each giving updates of their programs and all expressing 
continuing concern relative to receiving information about budget expenditures. 

Submitted by Annie W. Neal 


My original report was written in January. I had to scrap it, but I do want to 
remember for you, friends I met last August in Botswana in Africa. They wish us 
well and they have battled with poverty and been the stronger for it. They thanked 
me deeply for the greetings I brought from you. 

This has been a year I shall remember. You don't remember things that just 
go swimmingly. You remember a time when the world fragments in your hands, so 
this will be a memorable year for me. 

I knew that my years as moderator would be tough when I realized we were 
going to make several important structural changes in the way the Southeast 
Conference operates. We would have to agree to changes (1995) and then make 
constitutional provision for them (1996). That seemed a challenge that would keep 
life "interesting." 

But now, as you all know, we are faced with at least two staffing changes of 
the Conference Minister during 1995-96; first, an Interim Conference Minister and 
then a permanent replacement for Roger. The worst thing about it is that Roger 
won't be able to lend a helping hand in this one, and we have all become 
accustomed to Roger's helping hands. Let me say that I will truly miss Roger, and 
not just because of the task he has left for us. Some of us had reservations about his 
call in 1 988. What did the Minnesotan know about the South? 

But, on the other hand, what did we know about the way a conference was 
intended to work? Roger, with cajoling, honesty and laughter, led us, starting with 
balancing the books, setting up records, and calling churches to a new future. 
Today we are a conference, albeit a small one, and we owe its operation to him. 
FHe "loved" us into it. Yes, and he logged countless miles to be with us in our joys 
and in our sorrows. 

I want you to know that when the Board of Directors put forward names for 
both the Interim Search Committee and the permanent Search Committee, they 
picked the cream of the crop and every single person contacted agreed to serve. 
That says a great deal about from there the Conference has come. It also says 

something, I believe, about where we are going. Look forward to what these folk 
will find for us. 1 do. 

Dick Sales 

Work Project: Iowa— SEC Conference 

On behalf of the Southeast Conference (SEC) and the iowa-SEC Conference 
Partnership Committee, we wish to extend this invitation to participate in our 
WORK PROJECT '95 the week of June 1 1-1 7, 1995. 

We invite you to share God's love with distant neighbors in Morgan and 
Scott counties, Tennessee. WORK PROJECT '95 will be improving houses for 
needy families, repairing steps, porches, roofs, floors, and painting. We are asked 
to contribute both the labor and the materials. Volunteers will be housed in the 
Project offices (strictly roughing it!) where meals will also be taken. A 15-passenger 
van will leave Atlanta following the Annual Meeting, to return the following 
Saturday, June 1 7. 

There are many ways to take part in WORK PROJECT '95, one for every 
church and family. First, we need a work crew of 1 to 1 5 people for the jobs. 
Another crew is needed to organize the care and feeding of the whole group over 
the week. Finally, there is a need for cash, food, and/or materials for the week's 

Please plan to join with us in some way in WORK PROJECT '95. We look 
forward to plenty of hard work, worship and fellowship, and most importantly, 
your support. For more information, or to let us know how you can share in this 
experience, contact Elizabeth Clement at (404) 876-3217, or Charlie Lord at (615) 

Elizabeth Clement, SEC Board Member-at-Large 
Charlie Lord, Iowa-SEC Partnership Chair 


The Women of the Southern Conference to host the 
Southern Regional Biennial Meeting of UCC Women 
The Winds Are In Place! The Workshops Are Planned! 
The Arms Are Open Wide! The Beds Are Made! 

"Winds of the Spirit" is the theme of this meeting which will be held 
September 29-October 1, 1995 at Blowing Rock Assembly Grounds, Blowing 
Rock, North Carolina. 

Keynote speaker will be Rev. Susan D. Newman of Atlanta, Georgia. 
Included workshops are: 

Legal Issues for Women 

Forum for Clergy Women 

Spirit Renewal 

Creative Movement in the Spirit 

Positive Thinking in a World of Negativity 

Journal Keeping 

There will be music, crafts and fellowship. Closing worship will focus on the 
plight of migrant workers. Other features will include a silent auction, BBQ dinner 
with live entertainment, the Owl's Nest Bookstore and some SERRV self-help 
handcrafts. Participants may also tour Grandfather Mountain, the actual Blowing 
Rock, or the religious frescoes in West Jefferson. 

Interested??? Contact Southeast Conference registrar Shirley Tucker, Route 
n. Box 255, Crossville, TN 38555 (phone: 615-788-2071). 

Appalachian Work Camp 

June 11-17, 1995 

An Iowa-Southeast Conference Partnership Project at the Morgan-Scott 
Project for Cooperative Christian Concerns. 

The special adult (and youth) work camp will enable lowans and 
Southeasterners with minimal carpentry skills to improve houses for needy families 
by repairing steps, porches, roofs, floors and painting. 

To learn of the heritage of Appalachia and enjoy the beauty of the area; to 
make new friends from other churches and another part of the country. 

NO FEE - but donations are requested to help pay for materials. If interested, 

Elizabeth Clement, 382-A Angier Drive N.E., Atlanta, GA 30312; phone 
(404) 876-3217, or 

Charlie Lord, P.O. Box 464, Pleasant Hill, TN 38578; phone (615) 277- 


Christian Education Commission Report 

The Christian Education Commission of the SEC is committed to the 
education of the whole family and to becoming strong biblical people. We realize 
that education is a continuous process ... we go on with a vision of creating our 
values and continuing to live, love, learn and prepare. 

Our Commission met through both conference calls and committee 
meetings and planned for a "Teachers and Leaders Training Event" to be held on 
Saturday, August 12, 1995 at Pilgrim Congregational Church in Chattanooga, TN 
from 8:30 to 3:30. There will be a variety of workshops presented by Lester Ariail, 
Joe Hoffman and Dyann Wilkerson. Complete details will be available at the 
Annual Meeting. 

The Commission plans to host a Men's Retreat in September. Location will 
be announced at the Annual Meeting. Efforts were made and will continue to be 
made for a strong and effective youth program in the SEC. Thanks to Tim Klein who 
worked so wonderfully with the Youth Council. 

Yubenia Prigmore, Chair 

Conference Minister Search Committee 

Advisor: Marilyn Dubasak (Cleveland) 
Co-Chairs: Barbara Everett, Milton Hurst 

Members: Dr. Erna Bryant, Liz Clement, Arthur Dailey, James Myers, Holly Nelson, 
Steve Sterner, Bill Tweed, Jan Blair Witte. 

Interim Task Force Members 

Chair: Richard Sales 

Members: Jan Whiteman, Roy Bain, Lenda Sherrell, Steve Parker 

Directions to Simpsonwood Conference 
& Retreat Center 

Directions from 1-285, Exit #23: 

Exit #23 Peachtree Industrial Blvd. Continue north 3.7 miles to left exit on Hwy. 
14 1; sign will read ''Hwy. 14 1 to 400 Gumming and Dahlonega. " 

Once on Hwy. 141, also called Peachtree Parkway, go north 2.8 miles, to a left on 
East Jones Bridge Road (see BP station on right). 

Continue to East Jones Bridge Road 1.4 miles to a left on Jones Bridge Circle; see 
Simpson Elementary School on right. 

Continue 1.2 miles on Jones Bridge Circle to a right into Simpsonwood Conference 
Center. Follow signs to Rollins Center and parking. 


Harry Manon (for Christian Education Commission): Harry is a retired pastor; 
served in Pennsylvania, New York, and Ohio. Served the denomination in the 
17/76 Achievement Fund; served the church in Pennsylvania as executive of 
campus ministry for six denominations. Served Alabama/Tennessee Association as 
Chair of Stewardship and the Southeast Conference as General Synod delegate, 

David Speno (for Treasurer): David was educated at Fairfield University, graduated 
cum laude from the Candler School of Theology, Emory University and was elected 
to Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities, 1993. He serves as chaplain 
at Emory University Hospital currently serving the lung transplant team. He has 

been a licensed minister since 1993. He spent 20 years as an investment banker 
with Citicorp Investment Banking division, First American Banking Corporation, 
and Dominion Bankshares. He is married to Lynn McWhorter and has two 
children, Colleen and John. He served as co-opted member of the Finance 
Committee of the Board of Directors, Southeast Conference and has recently been 
accepted for the Doctor of Theology program at Candler. 

Clara S. Lowe (for Heritage Committee): Clara has worked in education as a 
substitute teacher at Trinity High School, an elementary school teacher in Athens, 
AL and other areas of education. She has served as a social worker for the Atlanta 
Housing Authority and a caseworker for the Atlanta Public Welfare. Clara has also 
been Social Services Director of the Equal Opportunity Program in Atlanta and a 
professor of Social Work at Atlanta University. She retired in 1992. Clara was 
married for 44 years to the late Charles W. Lowe. Clara has been a member of the 
First Congregational Church in Atlanta for 40 years and has served in many 
capacities including deaconess, Sunday School worker and various committees. 

Louise Cox (for Member-at-Large): Louise is a member of the Pleasant Grove UCC 
in LaFayette, AL, where she served as Moderator of the East AlabamaAA/est Georgia 
Association, 1980-84. She is active in Women in Church and Society, 
Grandmothers for Peace, Servants in Faith and Technology. Louise is also active in 
mission work, having just returned from her third mission trip on the Caparo River 
in Venezuela. Louise is married to J. T. Cox (47 years) and has 5 children and 9 
grandchildren. She is retired from Southern Union State Junior College where she 
taught speech and drama. 

Michele Brathwaite (for GA/SC Association member): Michele is a Polytechnic 
University graduate with a degree in Civil Engineering and is currently a project 
engineer for MARTA, where she administers contracts in preparation for the 
Olympic games. She became a part of Amistad when they were only a Bible study 
class and now serves as chair of the Board of Deacons. Michele is blessed with the 
gift of prophecy, having dreamed of many things which have occurred in the 
growth of Amistad UCC. She and her husband, Jeff, live in Atlanta. 

Susan Ewing (for Secretary). 

Roger Knight Called to Cleveland 

Beth and Roger Knight will be moving to Cleveland, where Roger has 
accepted a call to be pastor of the Euclid Avenue Congregational Church - UCC. 

Our moving plans and dates are uncertain, as we must sell our house here 
first. The church is an historic large church, which in recent years has developed a 
strong community ministry; it is a congregation with great diversities. We are 
looking forward to being part of a community of faith. 

Roger will begin in early May. All correspondence to the church: 9606 
Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44106, 21 6/791-5200. Home address: later when 
housing matters resolved. 

Dear Moderator Richard, the Board of Directors, and all in the Southeast 

1 extend to you the grace, mercy and peace of God in Christ as I submit this 
letter of resignation as Conference Minister of the Southeast Conference. Many 
things could be said now of what are the most enriching, challenging, profound 
and seasoning years of my ministry. I am very grateful to you and to God. In 
Professor Henry Higgins' song, "I've grown accustomed to your (face, looks, etc.) 
faith, ways, hopes, pains, etc. - like breathing out and breathing in ..." To weep 
with those who weep and rejoice with those who rejoice occurs personally and 
with so many of our congregations as we witness to God's mission and calling here 
in the Southeast. There are so many of you to whom I want to express special and 
personal gratitude; I hope to be able to do so before leaving. 

I went into the ordained ministry to be a local church pastor, and have 
longed to be such again. I have been called to be pastor of Euclid Avenue 
Congregational United Church of Christ in Cleveland, Ohio, an historic, once 
much larger church which committed itself to community program and mission, 
and now is about 200 members - a very diverse congregation with a pregnant 

The Southeast Conference Constitution indicates a 90-day resignation time; 
the specific arrangements around termination at the end of May with vacation in 
May, and plans and arrangements for interim leadership and Conference plans, I 
will finalize with the Board of Directors. 

It is with confidence in you and God's faithfulness that I remember each of 
you and each congregation. God is good; God has led us through all our days, and 
will lead into tomorrow's promises. God's peace to you. 

Roger D. Knight 
Conference Minister 

News Around the Conference 

Dr. Richard and Trudy Braun returned in April after serving 6 months on medical 
staff in mission hospital in Nepal. 

The Rev. Joyce Myers-Brown is currently in Angola, at their invitation. Joyce had 
served many years earlier, prior to the civil war there. 

Ted Braun led another group to Cuba in January to learn and share. 

Ken Briggs, former UCC military chaplain, is serving the Christian Church near 
Tuskegee, AL. 

Talladega, First UCC is envisioning the possibility of building a fellowship hall. 
Milton Hurst, pastor. 

Jim Courtney, South Alabama-Northwest Florida Association Moderator, had 5 
heart bypasses in March. 

Floyd Carmack had fusion of several vertebrae to relieve years of back pain. 

Ruth Crook has moved to her hometown in Michigan after Larry's death in 

Joe Hoffman is writing curriculum for the Word Among Us. 
Kathryn Hauk is taking CPE residency at Georgia Baptist Hospital. 
Ed Miner was called to staff of a UCC in Columbus, OH. 

Rush Church, Atlanta, is considering its future anew, as a promenade is being 
projected by Clark University, which will entail closing the street in front of the 

Dr. J. Herbert Gilmore, former interim at Belvidere and renowned Southern 
preacher, passed away in March. Our condolences to his wife and family. 

Mrs. Marion Young — Phemie — died in March. Phemie had served on Conference 
and National boards. She and Marion served in earlier years at Pioneer Academy, 
Pleasant Hill. 

Robert Pugh is slowly recuperating after a near-death infection earlier. God 
strengthen you. Bob! 

Both Bill and Lynn Tweed were hospitalized recently. 
David Naglee continues treatment for his health. 

Pleasant Hill Community Church will dedicate its new facilities in May. The Rev. 
Dr. Thomas Dipko of UCBHM will preach. 


Fairfield Glade, TN - Jim Nash resigned; Tom Eckert has been called as Interim 

Chattanooga, Pilgrim - Jack Yates is serving as interim. 

Sweetwater, First UCC - Andrew Frierson resigned; Robert Johnson serving as 
Interim Pastor. 

LaFayette, Pleasant Grove UCC - Win Clark serving as interim. 

Birmingham, First UCC - Rod Franklin's installation on May 21, 5:00 p.m. 

Macon, Heart of Georgia Fellowship UCC - began services in April, 3:00 p.m. 
each week. Lester Ariail, Coordinating Pastor. 

Atlanta, Center Congregational - Don Nelson installed as pastor April 16. 
Buford - Duncan's Creek - James Dillin called as pastor. 

Decatur, GA - Frances Bryant-Lowery has been called as Minister of Outreach & 
Mission at Oakhurst Baptist Church. 

Columbia Fellowship has rented a meeting hall and is drawing more people 
consistently. Nancy Donny, Pastor. Corey Keyes and Erik Nordgren of the 
Fellowship will enter seminary this fall. 


Atlanta, First UCC - Associate Pastor 

Savannah, First UCC - Pastor 

Charleston, Circular Congregational - Co-Pastor 

Chattanooga, Pilgrim - Pastor 

Chattanooga, Sheares Memorial - Pastor 

Sweetwater, First - Pastor 

Roanoke, North Main - Pastor 

Langdale, Congregational Christian - Pastor 

Fairfield Glade - Pastor 

Montgomery, First - Pastor 
Waverly, UCC - Pastor 

Welcoming New Conference Staff Member 

We welcome Betty Ann Daniel I to our Conference Office support staff! Betty 
Ann will be working from 1 to 4 p.m. She has good work experience, is 
resourceful, detail-oriented and a valuable addition to our staff. 

20th General Synod of the UCC Honors Outstanding 
Women, Allen, Livingston, Lowe 

Every two years the UCC honors women who have made an outstanding 
contribution to their churches and communities. More than 1,000 iaywomen have 
been named since the honor was established in 1983. This year, women from 
approximately 40 states will be recognized at a "Gifts of the Laywomen" luncheon 
Sunday, July 2, at the biennial General Synod in Oakland, California. 

Lala Allen, 87, is considered a "dynamo" at LaFayette Pleasant Grove 
Congregational Christian UCC. A retired teacher and an active farmer, she has 
served on the Board of Directors for the UCC's regional Southeast Conference and 
chaired the Conference's Visions '91 finance campaign, helping it to exceed its 
$1 50,000 fund-raising goal. She is also donating 1 00 acres of land in east Alabama 
for the development of a self-sustaining conference retreat center. Her nominators 
describe Allen as a "marvelous matriarch of integrity, wisdom, wit and love." 

A charter member of Church of the Savior UCC in Knoxville, Audrey B. 
Livingston has been active in various roles from president of the congregation to 
Sunday School teacher. She has been a leader in organizing the Women's' Group 
and has helped maintain the congregation's food pantry. Livingston has also 
volunteered for many committees and activities in the Southeast Conference and 
Alabama-Tennessee Association, both regional bodies in the UCC, such as serving 
as association moderator and conference board secretary. Her nominators say, 
"When Audrey accepts a task, you can count on her dependability, thoughtfulness 
and creativity." 

A member of First Congregational Church, UCC in Atlanta, Clara S. Lowe 
recently served on the church's senior minister search committee. Among other 
activities. Lows is a participant in the Trinity School Alumnae, an American 
Missionary Association school founded in 1865 in Athens, Ala. She has been 
secretary and assistant to the business manager at UCC-related Talladega College 
in Alabama and has worked in the business office at Clark Atlanta University. Lowe 
was also a professor for 10 years, teaching group work and community 
organization at UCC-related Atlanta University. She is on the board of the 

Morehouse School of Medicine Kellogg Foundation Project in Atlanta. In 1968, she 
co-authored and was primary strategist for a $500,000 proposal, funded by the 
Field Foundation, called Project CURE (College/Community Urban Relations 
Enterprises), which was headquartered at Morehouse College. The program lasted 
five years and helped children and adults in Atlanta. 


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Secretary, Jan Whiteman 
Treasurer, Lester Ariail 
Alabama-Tennessee Association Moderator, William (Bill) Chew 
East Alabama-West Georgia Association Moderator, Jimmy Pilkington 

Georgia-South Carolina Association Moderator, Larry Calbert 
South Alabama-Northwest Florida Association Moderator, Jim Courtney 
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